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Segmentation vs. Paging

Ever wonder what the terms segmentation and paging refer to? or heck, what is the difference between the two? Well you're not alone, many people out there are confused when it comes to these terms...

Let’s start by making sure we have a clear understanding about what exactly Paging and Segmentation is. We have tried to simplify this in a way which would be the easiest to understand.

CIDR Value Conversion to Subnet Mask

Continuing on from our last blog post about subnetting, this one will cover converting a given CIDR (Classess Internet Domain Routing) value into its respective Subnet Mask. Then given that Subnet Mask plot out the subnet range, number of hosts, etc..

Understanding Network Subnetting

One of the biggest problems we find in regards to networking, is properly understanding subnetting. The main thing to remember about subnets and IP addresses is that even though they’re displayed in decimal for our convenience, they’re based on binary math.

To get a true understanding of where some of the numbers in your IP subnetting formulas come from, you need to know how to convert an IP address like into binary. If you have not studied decimal to binary coversion than we do recommend you understand this before proceeding.

Excel - Calculating difference in hours between two dates

I've come across a situation before when analyzing data, let's say a log file from a webserver, thats been exported to a Microsoft Excel worksheet and I find myself needing to calculate the difference in hours between two dates to know how many times a file or something was accessed.

So below I will outline the steps that can be preformed to output the difference in hours with a single decimal place when you have two given values like so:

Wed 12/31/2008 4:56 PM
Thu 1/01/2009 2:04:28 AM

The first step we will do is break the date apart into two cells so that we can perform calculations on it easier since the “Wed” and “Thu” text in there will cause errors in most functions. Follow these steps to break apart the data:

  1. Select the cells you wish to break apart
  2. Click on “Data”
  3. Click on “Text to Columns”
  4. On the first screen choose “Fixed width” and click Next

Linking an existing MS Excel table with a MS Access table

Sometimes when working on a project you may find yourself utilizing the benefits of both Microsoft Access and Excel but require that the data in each be stored, sorted and queried from within Access. Well this can be achieved by linking the Access table with an existing Excel worksheet. To do so please follow these steps from within Microsoft Access:

  1. Go to File
  2. Click Get External Data
  3. Click Link Tables
  4. Navigate to the Excel file
  5. Select the Worksheet
  6. Click Next twice
  7. Click Finished